Pied Piper English Online


             A United Nations Accredited Company (UNESCO) (UN No:752425)

Pied Piper teach ALL levels of English,from just $5 US per hour,Thats 50% less than most of our competitors!

Pied Piper.specialize in catering to the needs of students globally.We use a combination of the results driven effect of both the Callan & Cambridge method of learning,together with our own phonetic & pronunciation based methods.We have a target of learning and improvement for each individual student.

Learn English Open whole new doors.To a whole new world!🙂

Our Courses

Courses to suit the individual..

Pied Piper English are an online English Language School,Offering tuition in the following courses..

English all levels.

Business & Medical Courses



Conversation & Social English

Vocational & Social English

Survival English

American Standard English & Modern Slang

Defensive English

We also offer teacher training & refresher courses

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